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Resources & Tips for Your Business

Are you starting a Business?  Make sure you register your Business Name through Service Ontario.

Employee & Payroll Management:

  • Get all new employees to complete the TD1 and TDON1 forms for their source deductions – EVERY employee should complete these forms each year.
  • Employee or subcontractor – what you need to know, right HERE.
  • Consider payroll software and even someone to manage the payroll for you.

CRA Consent:

  • Complete the RC59 form so that your Accountant/Bookkeeper can liase with the CRA on your behalf.

 Important Tips to Remember:

  • Know what you can expense; don’t forget to track mileage if you use your vehicle.
  • Keep ALL receipts and note the reason for purchase before you forget.  Take advantage of receipt software to help track and post to your accounting software.
  • Know your deadlines.  Check out this chart for Individuals, Corporations and Employers
  • Take your taxes very seriously, both income taxes, sales taxes, and payroll taxes.  If you are unsure of your obligations, speak to a professional.
  • Use accounting software to help you manage your finances, grow your business, and meet your compliance obligations.
  • Use technology to improve efficiencies in your business where you need it most.


Want to learn more?  Check out the webinars below or contact Susan for a business strategy session to help you get your business finances and management where you want it to be.

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