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All About Start-ups & new businesses

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Starting a business is an intense undertaking, but it can be so rewarding; that first year in business can also be incredibly overwhelming learning what your obligations are and some best practices for managing your finances.



Don’t let your passion overshadow your perspective though; there are many things to consider to make it as smooth as possible and so you can be successful.

 Just starting up?

  • Have you done a business plan?
  • Have you done some financial projections?
  • Have you considered how to price your product or service?

 New business (in your first year)?

  • Need to know if you are meeting your projections?
  • Are you on target with your planning?
  • Do you have unexpected growth and not sure what to do next or how?
  • Does dealing with the CRA cause you a little panic and you could use some clarity and support on your obligations?

There are so many more questions than just these that you might have.  Susan works both with business owners and accounting professionals; her goal when working with business owners is to help create sound business and financial strategies, educate how to maintain accurate financial records, and to assist in planning for the growth of their businesses.