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Education & Training

How to Get the Support You Need; In-House Education for Your Team

Depending on your business, you might want to start moving clients to QBO, or bring on integrated APPs, or help your current team learn about onboarding and QuickBooks Online.  Regardless, all education or training is customized to you, for your budget and your timelines.

Education and re-training is pivotal for our team, to keep them productive and efficient, and make the work we do for our clients that much more effective.

You may qualify for funding through the Canada-Ontario Job Grant for your in-house training.  Be sure to check it out as it can make all the difference in being able to retain and growth with the great team you already have.  For more information, contact us, or check out the information online.


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Let's implement compatible technology for you, your team and your clients.  Integrations between accounting programs and third-party applications are a must to be effective in business today

We can teach your team how to utilize many new applications for business today, and how they can impact productivity and benefit your clients.



Practical Skills

Us, and our teams need the skills to service our clients to the best of our abilities.  Do you need to beef up your bookkeeping skills?  How about your Management Accounting?

We can tailor a plan for your team to get them to the level you need them to be at for your clients.  Increase understandinng, confidence, and productivity.  Retain the individuals you enjoy working by providing skills training rather than considering replacing them.

Finding the right employee or freelancer is about practical skills and the right fit.  Through our Find Our Bookkeeper™ we help find the right fit in terms of skills and expertise, you hire for the right fit with your firm.



Accounting Software

Regardless of the software we choose to use in our firms, our business clients may have a different product in mind.  Working together for the best solution for you both is essential.  Many more businesses owners today want to be hands on in their business accounts and software like QuickBooks Online allows them to do just that, while we're able to access, review, and support.

Considering the new software is a tough decision but once made you need to make sure it is set up correctly and your team and business owners feel confident in using it.

We can help you team become pros in QBO, so that they can support your clients effectively.  We can also work with you to support your clients directly on their journey to the cloud.